US211M Lite USN HS121TA 5 200L/min Digital Flow Meter Flow Reader Compatible with all our hall effect water flow sensorn Saie-in Flow Meters from Tools

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US211M Lite USN-HS121TA 5-200L/min Digital Flow Meter Flow Reader Compatible with all our hall effect water flow sensorn Saie Details & Specification :

Item Specifications
Measurement Range 5-200
Coupling Type Male BSPP Thread
Joint Pipe Bore Size 1-1/2
Model Number US211M Lite HS121TA
DIY Supplies Plumbing
Brand Name Ultisolar


This flow meter can be used as pressure meter, but please note:

1.Pressure meter and flow meter can not work together.

2. US211M lite can work with all of our hall flow sensor.

BUT with battery power supply, to use with our LOW CONSUMPTION FLOW SENSOR, battery can last for 1 year.

with other flow sensor, battery can last only one week, unless you use  AC to DC power adaptor.

3. To work as pressure meter, you have to choose AC to DC power adaptor for long time usage.




Installation Dimension:78*60mm

Power supply: 5V DC(battery/power adaptor)

Battery life span: 1 year(for those lower consumption hall flow sensor)


Show flow rate

Show total volume

Show temperature(C/F)

Show working time(Day)




1. The digital display meter can display the instantaneous flow, unit is L / min

2. Can display cumulative flow, unit is L, max is 9999L.

3. It can show temperature of enviroment or fluid.


Item Description:

White background light LCD
Flow sensor connecting type: depend on the flow sensor
Power input: 5V dc OR 3 AA battery
Accuracy: +-1%
Temp Display range : -20 -99 celsius

Flow sensor working temperature: 0-60 celsius

Flow Range: depends on the flow sensor
Working Pressure: 0.05-0.8MPa


1*US211M Lite digital display

1*USN-HS121TA  1 1/2inch  hall water flow sensor

(battery and temperature sensor are not included)


*****You may need 5V DC power supply here:





US211M 01US211M Back

US211M Lite Display Instruction